Ten To Zen

Hello, and welcome to the very first blog for Ten to Zen!

the road to publication

It’s a little surreal to be writing this as the journey to transforming my stress-management techniques into a book feels like it’s nearing the end. In fact, it’s actually the beginning!

My first book, Ten to Zen will be published on the 27th December 2018 and I’m beyond excited to release it out into the world and continue to help people on a wider scale. This was a main focus when I first started out on this path and I truly hope that readers will enjoy adapting the stress-management techniques into their lives.

keeping it real

Despite the fact that the techniques in Ten to Zen are based on scientific evidence, there is no intimidating jargon. It was never my intention to overwhelm people with excessive medical terminology and you won’t find that in my book. You will simply find information and techniques to practice stress-management and mindfulness and I promise it won’t impact on your busy schedule!

That’s the whole idea really. Ten to Zen focuses on just ten minutes as I’m aware of how precious time is for the majority of people these days. Which is why this book is suitable for everyone.

A student at university struggling to keep up with deadlines and studies will have ten minutes. A CEO in a fast-paced office environment will have ten minutes. It is simply making the time to practice in order to reap the benefits and who doesn’t want to feel a little calmer?

Whether you’re buying this book for yourself, a partner, a friend or a colleague – Ten to Zen will change your/their life, even if it’s for ten minutes a day. You can buy it as a gift, as a new year’s resolution to a less-stressed you or share it as an office read with your team.

the bluebird highlights of 2019

As I await the launch of my book in December, I’m also looking forward to the Bluebird 2019 preview evening on Wednesday 19th September.

I am delighted to be a part of the showcase of highlights for 2019 and I’m in good company with such luminaries as: David Loftus, Jack Monroe, Joe Wicks, Julie and Katherine Kingsford, Laura Thomas, Olivia Gordon and Prue Leith. It’s sure to be a fantastic evening!

Ten To Zen book


Owen O'Kane's Ten to Zen. Available online and in all good book shops. 

"I’ve never been able to quieten my mind, but this book has helped me do just that! It’s packed with wisdom, time efficient techniques and rich experience that really will make a difference to your day and your life. Fantastic read that will benefit absolutely anyone who picks up the book. No matter how busy their brain is!”

Kate Thornton - TV presenter